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Give Children the Gift of Hope This Holiday Season!

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Birthday Gift Cards ($15) [+] $15.00
Your $15 gift buys a gift card for a child’s birthday. These cards, from bookstores, toy stores, and more, will give a child the joy of personally selecting his or her own birthday present. Imagine the excitement of being able to pick the exact present you want! What better gift can there be?
Build a Library ($25) [+] $25.00
Books are entertaining! But more than that, books can open new worlds for young readers. Books inspire! You can help open new worlds and inspire dreams for our children. What child does not want to be part of that story? Just $25 buys 25 books.
Emergency Meal for a Family of Four ($35) [+] $35.00
It may be hard to imagine not having food to feed you and your children. How do you tell your kids that they will have to go to bed hungry tonight? How do you explain that you don’t know when they will eat again? Your gift of $35 will buy an emergency meal for a family of four and help alleviate a child's hunger.
Toys & Games for Play Therapy ($50) [+] $50.00
Play therapy can benefit children in so many ways. Games encourage children to modify behaviors and enhance social interactions. Questions given in a “game” scenario facilitate discussions and build relationships. Through therapeutic play, children learn to identify, understand, and express feelings in a positive manner. Your $50 gift purchases games and toys that can change a child’s life forever!
Family Night Out ($75) [+] $75.00
How often do you go out for dinner and a movie? While this may be a weekly or monthly treat for your family, some families never have the chance to forget their worries and share a night out together. Your gift of $75 will give a family something unique and memorable--the opportunity to enjoy the kind of evening that many of us take for granted.
Welcome a Newborn ($100) [+] $100.00
The birth of a child is an occasion to celebrate, one filled with hope for the future. Every newborn should have the nourishment and care needed for a strong start in life. Your gift will provide a basket that includes diapers, formula, blankets, and other items to meet a newborn's needs. How sweet!
Child's Birthday Gift & Party ($100) [+] $100.00
Remember the fun you had at your birthday parties as a child? Each birthday is an exciting milestone for a child. The joy of birthday presents, a party with family and friends, and of course, a cake! Some children at St. Catherine’s have never had that experience. Now, you can light up a child’s life by making his birthday an event he will never forget! Your gift of $100 buys a cake, decorations, and a gift for a child. Doesn’t every child’s birthday deserve to be celebrated?
Backpacks and School Supplies ($125) [+] $125.00
It arrives every year. The beginning of a new school year, and the chance for a new beginning. Every child deserves to start the school year with a new backpack and new school supplies—pencils, pens, notebooks, and other tools of learning. Your gift of $125 will supply three students with a new backpack and supplies to start the school year off right.
Expressive Arts Therapy ($150) [+] $150.00
Our children struggle with behavioral problems from trauma, learning disabilities and mental illness. Expressive Arts Therapy offers an outlet for children to express themselves. Self-expression is an important part of development and overall well-being. Give a child the gift of self-expression by providing art supplies!
Foster Child Emergency Admission Kit ($150) [+] $150.00
Imagine being suddenly removed from the only home you have ever known and placed into foster care. You miss your family and find yourself living with strangers. This whirlwind of change can be overwhelming and traumatic for anyone. Children often come to one of our foster homes with little more than the clothing on their back, and perhaps their favorite toy. You can help a foster child feel welcome with the purchase of an emergency admission kit. The kit contains essential items—like clothing, toiletries, and school supplies—and a few extras to help comfort a foster child.
Sponsor a Cub Scout Pack ($200) [+] $200.00
Our Cub Scout Pack 30 operates on a shoestring budget out of the R & E May School. The scouts come from families who are unable to afford dues, much less uniforms. The pack leader collects cans to support scouting activities. Fishing trips, merit badges, and pinewood derby races are just a few of the activities and events your donation will support. The values and skills that boys learn in scouting are priceless. Is there better gift-value anywhere else?
Sponsor a Summer of Fun ($300) [+] $300.00
A trip to the zoo! A day of fun at a theme park! An evening of baseball! Summer should be an unforgettable time for every girl and boy. A time for fun and adventures that will be remembered for a lifetime. Your gift of $300 will support a child's summer of fun, opening the door to a world of new experiences and exciting attractions.
Bedroom Makeover ($500) [+] $500.00
A child’s understanding of her individuality is critically important. Yet, all too often, a child arrives at St. Catherine’s with few personal belongings. One way for a child to express herself is by decorating her bedroom to suit her own personal tastes. New bedding, curtains and wall decorations in her favorite colors and theme can make a child feel safe and comfortable in her own unique space. Can you think of a gift that offers more dignity?
Kitchen Appliances ($1,000) [+] $1,000.00
Our residential program serves thousands of meals a year for the children who live with us. Your gift of $1,000 will help us buy new kitchen appliances when the old units need to be replaced. New appliances not only make a wonderful addition to our residential facilities, but they are also "green" gifts. They help lower our energy bill and are good for the environment!
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     This special gift catalog offers a selection of meaningful gifts that you can donate to children and families at St. Catherine’s Center for Children. Besides making the holidays brighter for children and families, you can select gifts that will continue to bring comfort and joy all year long! Public funding of St.?Catherine’s provides for basic needs of our children and families, but those we serve still lack things that most of us take for granted.  

     It may be hard for you to imagine, but your gift through this catalog may provide a 10-year-old boy his first ever birthday party. A night on the town for pizza, ice cream and a movie may be something you and your kids do on a whim, but for some children, a family movie night is only a dream. You can use this gift catalog to help make dreams come true.

Here is how our catalog works

     Perhaps you choose a $25 gift to buy books. You buy library books for children in our residential program in honor of your father, who spent every Sunday evening of your childhood reading to you.

     Your father receives a card describing the generous gift you have given to the children in his honor.
     Books are purchased and placed on the shelves for the children. After school and on weekends, a child at Copson House may go to the library, pick out a book, curl up in a bean bag chair in her room and learn of exotic places and wonderful possibilities. 

     Just as your father taught you to love books as pathways to adventure and learning, you will open a new world of unimagined possibilities for our children.

     Your generous gift is not just about the books! Children need tools to envision themselves in interesting and productive roles. You have given the gift of hope and opportunity to a child, and at the same time honored your father.

We will send a card to the person you honor

If you request it, we will even handwrite a short personal message for you.

Please provide a mailing address for the person you are honoring so that we may mail the card to them. You may send the details of your "gift in honor" to Melissa Browne at

     Thank you for your generosity and support this holiday season!

To help the greatest number of children and families move toward independence, health and strength, St. Catherine’s uses its limited resources wherever it is most needed and will produce the best outcomes. Your gift will support the entire mission of St. Catherine’s for Children. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of human services designed to offer hope, foster growth, and improve the lives of the children and families we serve. We will use your gift where it will do the most good by combining it with the gifts of others to help transform the lives of children and families who struggle with the devastating effects of trauma. St. Catherine’s Center for Children is a charitable organization qualifying for IRS status under Section 501(c)(3). Contributions to St. Catherine’s Center for Children are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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